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Dental Office London Ontario

There are typically four major stages we all go through in terms of dental health. Starting in childhood, even before we have our permanent teeth, is the first time in our lives for visiting a dentist on a regular basis, learning about the proper hygiene that's necessary in between visits, and establishing a relationship with someone who may well be a part of our lives for many years to come. The second stage through which we pass in terms of dental health is in our teenage years when growing and changing bodies often mean issues with alignment of teeth, and subsequently, orthodontic treatment. The third major stage in the life cycle of our teeth and gums is adulthood, when we can start to see some of the impact that aging has on our oral health such as tooth sensitivity, staining, receding gums, and for many people, it's the right time to schedule some cosmetic procedures that provide a confidence-boosting beautiful smile. And finally, the fourth stage is dealing with our teeth and gums as seniors, which may involve periodontics or dentures.

At any stage of your life, the dentists at Expresssions Dental Care are here to offer exceptional care that focuses on you, and achieving your healthy, beautiful smile.

Our dental office is conveniently located on Fanshawe Park Road near Masonville Place in North London. We invite you to stop by our office, call us, or use the online form to schedule your next appointment and meet our dentists, or discuss your dental care needs.

If you need emergency care, please call immediately: 519-660-4337.

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